Barriers and Painting

Off Highway

All types of barrier can be installed from the economical to traditional heavy duty types.


H.A approved systems installed plus additional options and systems for increased safety or special circumstances:

Cycle Protection

Attachment systems to reduce injury to motorcyclists.


Painting for Safety

Reflectorised painting can play a significant role in avoiding collision and improving road safety.


Environmental Painting

In areas of natural beauty painting can provide a valuable compromise in hazard protection.


Special Curves

An example of forming access onto a roundabout.


Treefend Tree Protection

A short barrier system for isolated hazards.


Railway Safety

The avoidance of railway incursion and bridge protection commands suitable installations.

railway-safetyrailway-safety2 railway-safety3

Canals and Pedestrians

Pedestrian friendly barrier is sometimes required in conjunction with rigid systems of restraint, such as provided by rolled hollow section.

canals-pedestrians canals-pedestrians2

Anti-Dazzle Measures

Areas of conflicting traffic flow may result in potential danger from dazzle.


Peace of Mind


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